My dad just walked past me and told me do something constructive.

I informed him that I was writing, and he laughed, saying that he was going to tell me to “write a book or something”.

To my knowledge, he does not know about my fanfictions.


person : why do you draw everything facing left in 3/4 view

me : im a right handed mediocre artist 


so this happened

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favorite scene in naruto to date: rock lee stealing neji’s eyebrows post-mortem (to add to his own strength) under the guise of closing his eyes



Is this Jem and the Holograms.




when u boutta prove a bitch how wrong they are



prompted fics will happen when i am not on the verge of falling asleep at the keyboard. goodnight.


"Don’t listen to them. Don’t you EVER listen to them." Herogis

The door slammed shut, voicing their frustration when even they could not.  The two of them shuffled into the small kitchenette, one opening the cupboards for coffee and the other readying the cappuccino machine that was gleaming golden on the wall.

Neither spoke.

They fetched the mugs from yet another cupboard, made their drinks, doled out sugar and cream as each saw fit and seated themselves at the small island counter.  The two of them sat there, each stewing in their own thoughts as their additions were stewing in the untouched coffee in their hands, searching for something to say and finding nothing.

So they said nothing.

The burning of the mug became unbearable in one set of hands, and so was lifted to drink from before being deposited on the counter.  That small act signaled the breaking of a dam in the other, and he spoke.

"They’re right you know."

His companion looked at him with wide eyes, silently pleading that those words hadn’t truly left his lips and were instead only imagined.  It wasn’t to be.

"Your parents.  They’re right in thinking that we shouldn’t be—

The sharp thunn of a fist slamming against granite broke off his words, and its owner looked at him with desperation.

"Don’t."  She choked out.  "Don’t you dare finish that sentence.  I can hardly take it from them, I couldn’t bear it from you too."

He returned her gaze, first startled, then melancholy, and set his own untouched coffee on the countertops to busy his hands with wiping away the fresh tears forming on his lover’s face.  Gentle coos and whispers escaped his mouth as he drew the saline away from her eyes and cupped her face.  She wrapped her arms around him, squeezing harshly, swiftly transitioning from small trails of tears to streams.  The coos faded away, replaced by small shushes and assurances that things would be all right, and the hands the had framed her face found themselves on her back offering tender support.

The streams changed to rivers, changed to sobbing, and hiccupping, and still he never let her go.  The reason for her misery was due to him, as such he was duty bound to aid her through the consequences his actions had wrought.  He’d been selfish of course.  He hadn’t thought of what his actions might spark, certainly hadn’t thought that they would lead to this moment, here, with the love of his life weeping in his arms because—

Because he loved her.

Because he loved her—and he couldn’t possibly have her.

"I’m sorry."  He whispered into her neck.  "I’m sorry for—for what I said, for everything.  You don’t deserve this."

He could feel her shaking her head, trying in vain to stifle her tears.  ”N-No, no, you’re not-you’re not getting off that easy.”

She broke away from his arms and looked at him, face to face, puffy eyed and red nose and pale cheeked with streams still glistening on her face and every imperfection she had ever had standing out in plain view and still more beautiful than any other woman he’d ever seen.

"Aegis," she breathed, and his throat hitched, "don’t you ever say that we shouldn’t be together.  That we can’t be together.”

"…Don’t you ever say that we can’t make this work."  She said, and the tears started anew.

He reached out his arms for her again, but she shrugged him off, and his hands fell limply in front of him.  His mind was tossing and turning and churning from all that was before him, so much that he wanted, needed to say, but all that came out was, “But we can’t.”

She opened her mouth to disprove him again, but the words came pouring out of him at once.

"We can’t be together, not like other couples, not like normal couples, can’t go out together in the sunshine, can’t sit and eat dinner together, can’t—” his voice hitched involuntarily, and he found himself wishing that he too could weep as she was.

"Can’t settle down, or get married, or have a family…And you could do all of those things with some other man, but you can’t with me, because I’m…Because…"

Because he was dead.

"….And you deserve all of those things.  I’m-I’m just keeping you from them…..Like your parents said…"

She shook her head and held his face in her hands, silently rebuking him for his words.

"It doesn’t matter what my parents said.  Or what anyone says."  She swallowed, and paused a moment to let the words flow back.  "Don’t listen to them.  Don’t you ever listen to them, Aegis, because they don’t know what they’re talking about.”

"But we…"  He offered weakly.

"We can go out in the wintertime, and dinner dates are overrated anyways," she said, giving a faint laugh.  "And we can too get married—the dead are given just as much a standing in court as the living, and, and I’m sure that even if that weren’t the case someone would make an exception—the-the priest, or the judge, or, or King Alteon, or someone.”

A hand found its way to her leg, and she gave him a strained smile.

"And as for children….Well, we can always adopt, can’t we?  There are plenty of displayed children in need of good homes."

He stared at her, and gave in.  This wouldn’t be the end of things, but neither of them had the energy to continue.

She quietly got up from her chair, and lifted his chin with a finger so he could see her at her new elevation.  He offered her a small, and tired smile, and she gifted him a quick kiss.  They abandoned their mugs on the counter without a second glance, and headed further in the small house they shared.

The day had been stressful for the both of them.  And though she was frailer than he, and he could not feel the need for rest in the same way that she did, they felt the day’s events equally.  And so they retired, not caring of the sun just barely past its zenith in the sky, or of the fair weather outside, or of the mugs of wasted coffee sitting in the kitchen.

They were together, still, from this moment on until they would inevitably be shaken up once more, and as such there was nothing else that needed their attention other than each other.

Okay this sentence drabble is turning into a full-on oneshot, I did not intend for this to happen.









So I can either bake these cookies at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or 4,000 degrees for 1 minute.








Got another panel done.  I think maybe ten or so more?  Until I’m done?

There are gonna be a lot of beat panels at the end, but they’re basically all the same shot so I don’t know if I should count them as one panel or not.

Also send me more Sepulchure things.  And maybe one thing of Herogis/Kengis.  Writing is fun.


remember when Cosmo didn’t tell Mama Cosma he married Wanda so when he went to see her he told her he was out getting milk for the past 10,000 years






All dogs share the same basic digestive system despite the range of physical variations (and attitudes) across different breeds. Every dog is designed to eat a raw animal-based diet, from the Chihuahua to the Great Dane. Breed-specific dog food brands are simply a marketing gimmick aimed at playing on the pet owner’s emotions, and their desire to feed their pet the best possible diet.

I don’t think that dogs need an animal-based diet. If done right they can be vegan and not contribute to the murdering of innocent animals. We’ve adapted and domesticated them enough to do so. They’ve evolved to live without meat just like us.

200% incorrect. Vegan diets are carbohydrate-based. Carbohydrates are inflammatory, feed cancer (glucose), contribute to periodontal disease (leading to systemic organ failure, eg heart), cause insulin spikes leading to a multitude of other issues in the long-term (thyroid, liver, diabetes, heart disease) and also cause pancreatic problems due to extreme stress on the pancreas (secreting heavy loads of carb enzymes over a long period of time). The low moisture content coupled with high plant protein may also cause renal failure in the long term. The preservatives used may also be linked to cancer (BHA, BHT etc), and these diets also skew the omega3/6 ratio, causing further inflammation (linked to cancer again). They cause urine alkalinity leading to urinary problems such as crystals, blockages and UTI’s.

Brief into to dog anatomy/physiology:

- Stomach PH: Their highly acidic stomach is designed for eliminating harmful bacteria and breaking down bone into a gel-like substance. Humans have a much more alkaline stomach acid which is why we would struggle to digest raw bone.

-Digestive Enzymes: Higher level of proteases to break down animal protein. High bile load to help push through bacteria.

-Dental Anatomy: Sharp pointed teeth designed for ripping and tearing flesh and bones.Dogs do not chew their food as we do, they are wired to swallow chunks quickly as a basic survival instinct.

-Jaws: Dogs also have strong jaws that physically cannot move sideways (like your own can). This sideways grinding action is a feature that allows pre-digestion of plant material. Again, dogs rip off chunks and swallow them whole.

-Lack of Salivary Amylase: Omnivores have this for pre-digestion of carbohydrates. Dogs and cats do not. The canine pancreas secretes amylase as a backup, however this does not mean they should be fed a high carbohydrate diet every day for a lifetime. Processed food (incl vegan) is 40-70% carbohydrate.

-Lysozyme: Instead of amylase, dogs have lysozyme in their saliva which is an antibacterial. This may be useful for destroying any harmful bacteria in carrion/rotten food/feces, as well as wound cleaning.

-Gut length: The canine gut is short in length which is because flesh must be pushed through quickly. It does not need to sit and ferment, as this could allow bacteria to multiply to harmful levels. Note that plant eating animals have a long digestive tract and even multiple stomach chambers in order for plant material to be slowly broken down by the necessary enzymes.

-Nutrient profiles. Dogs have 0% biological requirement for carbohydrates. They gain every single essential nutrient from a prey based diet such as Whole Prey/Prey Model. Vegan diets are full of processed lab-made vitamins and minerals. Many vitamin pre-mixes are made in china and shipped to the country of manufacture.

All in all, dogs will survive on a high carbohydrate diet but it will cause systemic effects eventually. Similar to smoking, a junk food diet affects every dog differently and some may be affected more severely than others, and in different time spans. You can also expect high vet fees in the form of dental cleanings, dental surgeries and various health problem later on in life.

It is not recommended that you feed your pet the equivalent of a big mac for the entirety of its life. This is essentially what kibble and vegan diets are. Evolution has changed the appearance and even the behaviour of your dog, but their digestive system is still geared towards meat. Basically, you are paying money to have a company slowly kill your pet from the inside out.

0/10, Not Recommended.






I’ve come to the conclusion that Sam and Dean would take one look at Night Vale and burn it to the ground, civilians be damned.

i’ve come to the conclusion sam and dean would drive into night vale and spontaneously combust from being exposed to sexual and racial diversity and women who don’t die within a week